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Top 5 Reasons You Won't Want To Miss The Hotdish!

Trying to decide whether or not to ride The Hotdish on July 27th? We think these 5 reasons will help make that decision easier!

1. Riding in the driftless is amazing

The Driftless Region is one of the hidden gravel gems. Bluff views, hero gravel, endless roads to explore - you can't beat it. The Hotdish brings you on some of the most scenic roads in the area. There can be challenging climbs like Sheep Hill, but the views you get on top of some of the bluffs like Ope Hill make it worth it! As long as the counties haven't laid fresh gravel the week prior, you can expect some fast gravel roads on the course.

The beautiful views of the famous "Ope" Hill

2. Post ride Hotdish!

Yes, hotdish is a weird thing to have after a bike ride, but this event isn't called The Hotdish for nothing! We will also be serving up other Minnesota favorites like pickle rollups and Scotcheroos... or are they called Special K bars?? Don't worry, we will have vegan hotdish as well for folks.

3. friday night Pizza, activities, and FREE Camping

Make a weekend trip out of The Hotdish! Come down to the event venue Friday night for pizza and a barrel race on bikes. We have FREE camping for everyone who doesn't want to have to drive the morning of the event.

4. Easy to Stay hydrated! Aid Stations every 20 miles

It's not the heat, it's the humidity. But also, sometimes it is the heat. You don't have to worry about running out of water or snacks at The Hotdish. There will be water and freeze pops (those fruit-flavored ice tubes you had as a kid) every 20 miles out on each course to keep you cool and hydrated. Additionally, 2 of the aid stations on the 100-mile course and 1 of the aid stations on the 100k course will have other snacks and beverages to keep you going! I forgot to mention, there are also really cool people running each aid station. Make sure to say hi to them!

We love our volunteers!!

5. Grassroots!

What does that mean? It means this event is held at a small farm venue! We focus on all the riders and not just the front folks. We offer distances for all skill levels. There's no fanciness to this event, we don't want anyone to feel intimidated or like they don't belong. The Hotdish is for everyone! We hope you meet some friends along the way to enjoy some hotdish with at the end.

BONUS 6!! test ride your future dream Bike and win some handlebars

Our presenting sponsor, Lauf Cycles, will have a booth up Friday night and Saturday for you to test ride a Lauf Seigla in your size! If you have always been wondering what it feels like to ride a gravel bike with front suspension, here is your chance! Anyone who tests rides a Lauf will also have a chance at winning a Lauf Smoothie handlebar.

Don't miss your spot!

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