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My name is Chase Wark, I’ve been racing bikes for over ten years and have been riding a bike for as long as I can remember. I’ve raced everything from 240 mile gravel events, the biggest criteriums in the United States, and even a downhill mountain biking event. Maybe you could say I was more of a participant in the downhill event. I started Wark’s Cycling Services in 2021 as a way to give back to the cycling community through hosting bike events and coaching people to help them achieve their cycling goals. Before then I was hosting bike events since 2018.

My experiences in racing, having worked with 4 different coaches, and constantly reading about articles to keep up with the ever changing science about cycling training have allowed me to help over 20 people help achieve their cycling goals and see success in their races and rides. Whether you’re trying to complete a 135 mile Winter Ultra, bike across Minnesota, win a local mountain bike race, race a 60 minute crit, or just improve your cycling fitness I would love to help you with your goals! Not only will I help with your training on the bike, but I’ll help give advice on your equipment, nutrition, recovery, and anything else that can help you achieve you goals.

Outside of coaching folks and putting on events, I’m also a professional gravel racer, racing for Mazda Lauf Factory Racing. Racing gravel has allowed me to travel the country and meet people from every region of the US and even people from Canada, Europe, and Australia. My proudest results are taking 2nd at Gravel Worlds in 2023, 3rd at Gravel Worlds in 2021, 6th at Midsouth in 2022 when there were several former World Tour racers in the race, and even though it’s not a result, I’m proud of making the front selection at Unbound Gravel in 2023 until 2 flats took me out of contention. I also helped a visually impaired rider win the BVI Tandem National road race and time trial championships in 2023 and have over 25 wins in gravel races since 2019.

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